December 19, 2017
Making marketing relevant
December 19, 2017

10 rules for delivering the best advertising campaign

We believe in keeping things simple and have 10 rules of delivering you the best possible campaign for your business. 1) Understand – You, your objectives, your customers, your potential, capacity and much more 2) Survey – In a world of choice, where will be the best place to position your message? 3) Design – How do we create a design series, which compels prospects at every stage of the buying process to engage with your business? 4) Content – What do we need to say to these prospects? that will break through the marketing white noise they are exposed to every day. 5) Competition – are there benchmarks of success or cautionary tales to learn from? 6) Manage – As we get underway, what’s working? what isn’t? Can we optimise success and migrate or change non performing activity. 7) Conversion – We seek to understand and agree conversion and engagement objectives, so your experience is transparent and rewarding. 8) Opportunities – How do we capitalise on trends, seasonality? 9) Evolve – How can we evolve each round of activity, so it is constantly being refined and improving outcomes. 10) Feedback – How was it for you? Ideas are free, so for a fresh perspective, get in touch…

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