10 rules for delivering the best advertising campaign
December 19, 2017
Digital marketing for the SME
December 19, 2017

Making marketing relevant

Is your company trying to hard? We often find that businesses in the SME sector try and throw everything including the kitchen sink in pursuit of their marketing objectives, or alternately do very little at all. Here’s a few things to consider… Who are your customers? Do you know them? Can you describe them? What excites them? What will engage them? Build a profile of who you are trying to communicate with. What is the best channel or channels to communicate your message? You cannot do everything successfully, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Snapchat, Google etc etc etc. Understand where your audience is most likely to be, focus on being brilliant on the channel that’s most relevant. What is your message? How will it engage, motivate, stimulate and drive your prospective customers to action? What does your content plan look like? How do you want to measure the impact of your efforts? check outs? footfall? telephone enquiries? online enquiries? Just a few of the things to consider, if we can help give us a call, as we like to say “Ideas are Free”

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