Making marketing relevant
December 19, 2017

Digital marketing for the SME

Marketing can sometimes seem like a perplexing and frustrating exercise for the small or medium sized business owner. With most traditional media formats having been in sharp decline for over a decade, the business world is forced to confront a myriad of communication channels. This most often results in one of two scenarios… 1) Don’t do anything I don’t understand it therefore I cannot trust an investment, or… 2) Let’s do everything, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pintrest, Linked In and let’s throw in some SEO for good measure. Both of these approaches are commonplace, but endanger, the future prosperity of your business. We help to cut a path through the modern day media jungle, in consultation with you, we develop your story, what makes you great? Why should people come to you? What will they experience when they do? How will your products and services meet their needs? What platforms are best suited to your audience? These are just a few of the many questions we will pose to help you develop a plan, that is well targeted and measurable, leaving you free to run your business. We always say “ideas are free” so why not give us a call. LEARN MORE